Instead of teaching all kids the same skills using the same methods following the same pace.

Instead of clinging to your perfect plan.

Instead of experiencing a wine through the lens of a rigid system.

Start dancing.

Look at what you’ve got. What does the world have to offer right now? Use that information to make the best of your situation.

The child will only learn the stuff that interests her. Make yourself available. Assist her the best you can. Go with the flow, ride the waves together. Offer the kid a better surfboard.

Your perfect plan is just a plan. It is not reality. By all means, make the best initial plan possible. But embrace new information and adjust accordingly. Your goal in not the plan. It is not even the outcome. Your goal is to make better decisions. It is all about the steps and the moves. The proces.

The wine in your glass is trying to talk with you. Not literally talking. But the wine is interacting with your mood, your memories, your current environment, and all of your senses. Conversing with the wine through the bars (no pun intended) of your systematic prison is a choice. Taking it for a swing raises the bar (pun intended) and creates positive forward motion.

Don’t be stiff.